Our brand and cultural
transformation purpose

To inspire perfection in all that we do and how we live.

Jumping On The Gin Wagon

To say we’re in the midst of a gin boom would be an understatement. Shelves and bars are positively overflowing with gins disrupting the category - pink gin, green gin, dry gin, sweet gin, old gin, new gin, gin for every taste.

But only one gin can officially claim to be the World’s Best (4 times, to be precise).

A Beacon Of Quality In A Congested World

In such a congested and cluttered marketplace, with so many brands vying for attention. It’s little wonder that consumers don’t know what to listen to amongst the noise.

Even in the premium sector, amongst those discerning individuals who are seeking something beyond the fads and gimmicks, it can be difficult to identify the best from the rest.

It is to these discerning, appreciators and seekers of perfection, to which we present our gin. An undisputed beacon of quality and a reflection of the values they hold close. A gin worthy of their attention.

The Art of Perfection

Brand transformation that created disruption and distinctiveness.

Art is in the details they say. We say it’s in the details of the details. In the striking balance of vivid imagination and relentless dedication.

Mixing equal parts passion and precision, No.3 is gin made just as it should be.

Have a look at it yourself. Now look closer. Go on, closer than that…

Working with an artist as obsessed by perfection as we are, our creative curiosity led us to capture a world first in brand communications by looking at No.3 Gin under a microscope. This revealed something as breathtakingly beautiful as it was unique. A series of impactful and abstract images made from No.3 Gin itself which distinctively showcased the artistry of the product. The Art of Perfection.

In doing so, we developed a visual identity that does not need to vie for attention. It commands it.

A dramatic unveiling at a series of artful launch events announced the new brand to the trade audiences over the summer of 2019. This was exceptionally well-received and propelled the brand into receiving trade support across high-visibility locations. Consumers were then seduced by awareness with large-format Out of Home executions and conversion via highly targeted dynamic digital communications.

Since the launch, the results have been transformational. No.3 Gin is in high demand with sales up more than 50%! And premier retailers and bars are actively seeking out The Art of Perfection to adorn their bars, shelves and windows.