• Caroline Caulfield

    Caroline Caulfield

    Director of People and Clients

  • Seb Hill

    Seb Hill

    Executive Creative Director

  • Daisy Proctor

    Daisy Proctor

    Managing Director

  • Jason Foo

    Jason Foo


  • Tony Quinn

    Tony Quinn

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Fernando Desouches

    Fernando Desouches

    Managing Director New Macho

  • Cory Eisentraut

    Cory Eisentraut

    Creative Partner

  • Jeremy Baldwin

    Jeremy Baldwin

    Experience Director

  • Nick Dutnall

    Nick Dutnall

    Managing Partner

  • Oli Gibson

    Oli Gibson

    Strategy Partner

  • Anjana Meaklim

    Anjana Meaklim

    Finance Manager

It’s no secret that the world is in a state of disruption. Every category of business, every area of technology, every facet of society is undergoing transformation. Business transformation and digital transformation are on every CEO’s priority agenda. But transformation only happens if the organisation’s people make it happen.

That’s where we come in. We create brand and cultural transformation through alignment around organisational purpose, culture, values and behaviour, ignited by a clear brand vision, narrative and inspirational brand platform. This unlocks momentum for the brand and the business, acting as one to achieve the organisation’s purpose whilst transforming their relationship with their customers and society.

We build meaningful brands that matter to the world. We believe the only way to build brands is authentically, from the inside out. We work passionately and tirelessly for our fantastic clients. We have one simple rule for the brands we work with: If we wouldn’t sell it to our family, we won’t help sell it to anyone.

Founded in 2013, Perfect Storm is the Brand and Cultural Transformation Company. Whilst the company’s leaders have all worked in global companies, we are fiercely independent in our ownership, thinking and approach. We are committed to helping our clients thrive commercially and creatively, and sharing that success.

We design, create and help build world-class purposeful brands. Through our Brand and Cultural Transformation Framework, we help organisations unlock discretionary effort from their staff and irrational loyalty from their customers.

Our Approach

We combine rigorous logic and methodology with magical creativity to achieve transformational results. Our Brand and Cultural Transformation Framework provides an end-to-end solution for any organisation.
Born of world class research and global best practice, our approach enables our client to tailor their requirements based on specific organisational needs.

It begins by identifying and articulating an organisation’s purpose and brand narrative, and then, uniquely, leverages this narrative to inspire and inform internal cultural transformation ensuring authentic delivery of the brand and organisation’s promise.

With this bedrock in place, the framework, and methodology, allows us to work with our clients to develop the outward facing communications, platforms and activations that transforms a brand and organisation’s standing in their market. Wired into a hard and soft measurement dashboard to both plot progress and of course correct in real time, if and when required.

No two client’s needs are ever the same, no two solutions ever look quite the same. Our Brand and Cultural Transformation Framework has been designed with this in mind.