At BBD Perfect Storm Health, we are on a mission to bring humanity back to healthcare marketing. Now, more than ever, consumers and healthcare systems are demanding more from brands and the businesses behind them. Through our expertise in RX, OTC, MedTech and wellness brands as well as, our brand and cultural transformation process, we are helping health brands rehumanise their communications to ensure they’re ready for the next age of healthcare.

We believe that in healthcare, science has overwhelmed humanity, and we’ve lost sight of the person at the heart of our purpose. However, we have a five step process that can help rehumanise your brand:

1. See the person first - Not their specialism or level of seniority. Not just who they are at work, but the whole person. Take time to assess how they’re feeling.

2. Understand - Don’t be tempted to jump in and explain how your products or services can help. Be interested in them with no agenda other than to help where you can. Show them that you’re human too.

3. Empathise - Show that you understand their world and their situation. Give them insights from what you’ve seen elsewhere. Show them that they are not alone in their experiences. Place yourself in their situation and imagine how you’d feel if you were in their situation.

4. Balance reason with emotion - Continue to use clinical evidence and data, but bring this to life with stories of the life-changing benefits that your products and services offer. Remember healthcare professionals have emotions too.

5. Offer action to support - Only once you’ve empathised will you be in a position to offer the right action to support. Don’t crowbar what you have to offer. Be honest. If it’s not right for them, say so. It will build trust and put you in a good position for future opportunities.


Collectively, we have well over 60 years of experience in healthcare communications. We’ve worked with businesses and brands like:

Jason Foo

Jason launched BBD Perfect Storm in 2013 and in its relatively short history, it has been named one of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies three times (2017, 2019 and 2020) and won numerous awards. Jason has more than 20 years’ experience building global brands across virtually every category of industry, including healthcare with brands like Vitality, The Priory Group and Johnson and Johnson. Which lead him in January 2021 to establish a health specialism within the business.

Nick Dutnall
Managing Partner

Nick leads BBD Perfect Storm’s Health division. He has more than 20 years healthcare marketing experience, both as a client and within agencies. He has worked across most therapy areas and has worked with companies such as Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Abbott, AZ, Janssen and ViiV, as well as for other leading health businesses like Bupa, J&J, Medtronic, Invisalign and Smith & Nephew. Nick has always believed that whilst health brands require clinical evidence in their communications, it is also essential for them to evoke the emotions through the power of storytelling and human engagement.

Cory Eisentraut
Creative Partner

Having spent nearly two decades in North America creating award-winning work for the likes of BMW, HSBC and Maple Leaf Foods, Cory emigrated to London in 2019 to join BBD Perfect Storm as Creative Partner. In addition to helping to run the North American Tylenol and Splenda businesses, he also has extensive experience working with pharmaceutical clients, TEVA, Novopharm and Apotex. In addition to having won multiple Gold Lions and various finalists at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, his work has been recognized at the Clios, One Show and Communication Arts.

In short, healthcare brands that rehumanise their communications cut through and connect more with consumers. At the same time, they instil a culture of compassion and honesty that has the power to transform their business.

Are you ready to rehumanise your healthcare communications?


Header image credit: Zach Vessels.