Our Brand and Cultural Transformational Purpose

Get the people of the Severn Trent region cherishing their water.

It’s not just water, it’s Our Water

Water. It’s precious. But we can all take it a little for granted. The Our Water campaign set out to make the people of Severn Trent as proud of what comes out of their taps, as they are of their region.

Severn Trent work tirelessly to look after the water of the region. But if they were going to beat looming water shortages, and keep it as clean and green and possible – they were going to need everyone’s help.

Together, let’s do right by it.

Our TV ad broadcast on tellies from Tewkesbury to Telford (and everywhere in between), fostering a sense of shared ownership, and responsibility for its H2O. Voiced by local lad, Darren Harriott, the spot and accompanying radio ads aim to get the region cherishing and doing right by their water.