Our Brand and Cultural Transformational Purpose

Overturning outdated stereotypes and showing that there’s more to rosé than meets the eye.

Rosé in a whole new light

Rather unfairly, rosé had become associated with all the ‘pink’ occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and bottomless brunches. As makers of some of the world’s finest rosé wines and champagnes, Moet Hennessy challenged us to find a way to allow rosé to break free from this typecasting. For the first time in their history, they asked us to bring together four of their Maisons in one pop-up installation. Our stage; Selfridges in London. No small feat given every inch of this legendary department store was already a sensory overload.

Now showing: Rosé Lumière

To solve a challenge this big, we decided to go small… By creating the world’s smallest movie theatre. Inspired by another pioneering French art form, le cinema, our Rosé Lumière installation was an Art Deco homage to all things blush and included a bar, naturally. Nuanced tasting notes were delivered through ‘movie reviews’ and we created cinema posters for each brand that could be personalised, with customers cast in the leading role.

The reviews came in and Rosé Lumière was a smash – featuring in 26 major publications and earning 69.8M impressions. Naturally, this massive exposure has led to increased foot traffic and an overwhelming lift in rosé sales. Due to these strong results, Selfridges has asked that we extend its run by an additional 6 months. We’ll cheers to that!