Beautiful chaos

Parenting isn’t always easy. In fact, there can be many challenging moments along the way. The pressure to be seen as a ‘good parent’ is absolutely one of them. It can seem like you’ll never be good enough to meet the unrealistic expectations that are forced upon new mums and dads.

Heinz wanted to challenge this, show the authentic pure joy of parenting – and not shy away from the wonderfully sticky chaos of it all.

The Pure Joy of Parenting

So, we set out to celebrate all the real moments that make being a parent so uplifting, without being condescending. To do this we enlisted the help of real parents for an entirely UGC campaign. Working with CONTENTBible we sourced footage that’s completely real, unstaged and unfiltered.

Pure Joy is a dish best served authentic. We achieved 2x the anticipated impressions on Facebook and Instagram, exceeded them by 3x on Twitter, and enjoyed nearly double the planned reach across all three channels. It’s safe to say this campaign went down a treat.