Our Brand and Cultural Transformational Purpose

Promote togetherness and show watching the NFL just isn’t the same without the right PepsiCo snacks.

Four Snacks – and a Perfect Touchdown

Every event has the perfect paired snack. Popcorn at the cinema, strawberries and cream at tennis. Whether you’re a serious fan or not – the snacks matter. As the official snacks of the NFL, we were on a mission to prove Pepsi, Ruffles, Kacang and Tostitos dips are essential to truly enjoy the game.

(Snack) Ref Please

We wondered, what would we do if we had the wrong snacks for the NFL? How would we solve it if we could? We’d have a Snack Ref, of course. Not only would he make sure you’ve got the right snack for the game, but he’d stop at nothing to ensure your watching experience is 10/10. We even enlisted the help of two-time Superbowl Champion, Eli Manning to show that the right snacks make the game that bit better.