Seismic Societal Shifts

The last century has witnessed change like no other. Rapid scientific, economic and social progress has raised living standards and increased life expectancy at a rate of more than two years every decade. If this trend continues, a child born in the UK today has more than an evens chance of living to 105. What’s more, on average, most of these extra years of life will be healthy ones.

But we are also in the midst of a savings crisis. Too many people aren’t adequately financially planning for their future, and the ensuing economic impact is compounding.

Investing In The Future

Enter Vitality; a Health and Life insurer that inspires people to live longer, healthier lives. Acutely aware of this societal trend, they felt it was their responsibility as a game-changing financial services brand to contribute to the solution. So we helped them launch VitalityInvest, a suite of ISAs and retirement income products designed to help serve the ageing population. At the heart of the launch was an innovative, interactive tool that allowed financial advisers to show their clients their personalised predicted life expectancy and potential funding gap. We also created a range of launch communications, including press cover wraps, digital banners, and a brand manifesto film for their trade launch event.

The launch was a huge success with advisers and created a media buzz around the brand and the products. Sales continue to rise and, with it, people are beginning to prepare to live their best lives for longer.