Our Brand and Cultural Transformational Purpose

"To inspire every man to experience the transformative effects of care on themselves and others."

Putting Themselves Last

The fact is, men don’t always take proper care of themselves - and Dads are, in many ways, the epitome of the problem. Of course, we know that Dads do care. They care a lot. It’s just that their families come first and, as a result, their own physical and mental wellbeing is secondary. But we also know that when Dads experience care, they are better at caring for others. 58% more likely to care for others, in fact, and twice as likely to share the housework with their partners. Dads need care, for the good of everyone. And that’s where Dove comes in, giving them the support they need to care for their families.

A Bedtime Story With a Twist

This Father’s Day, we wanted to show Dads that they are cared for too. So we turned a moment of care from Dad into a moment of care for Dad, partnering with children’s picture book author and illustrator Keith Negley to create a special Storytime Surprise for three real Dads. A story with a very important message: it’s important to reset and recharge. Because when you experience care for yourself, everyone around you feels it too. Working closely with their partners and kids, we created personalised versions of this bedtime-story-with-a-twist for our Dads to read with their families, and we invited Dads everywhere to read it with their kids too. The book was available to download from dovemencare.com, along with a wealth of other resources to care for body and mind.