Our brand and cultural transformational purpose

“To show young men that they become their most attractive when they have the confidence to truly be themselves.”

Sexy, Not Sexist

In the Mexican Market, Ruffles has always championed attraction and irresistibility. However, over the past several years, the creative campaigns extolling these virtues had failed to keep up with the world’s more balanced and modern representation of romance and attraction. We were tasked with creating a brand platform that updated Ruffles brand positioning for a new woke generation.

Unleashing the Real You

Our new brand positioning of “Libera Tu Sabor” or “Unleash Your Flavour”, celebrated the effect confidence can have on attractiveness. By encouraging young men to embrace their 1 selves and their “flavour” we showed them that they could step away from the masculine stereotypes and the performance of attraction. And of course, we showed that having some Ruffles on hand doesn’t hurt either.