Our Brand and Cultural Transformational Purpose

Get cocktail lovers considering, and concocting with, X by Glenmorangie

Made to mix things up

As a category and convention challenging single malt whisky, X by Glenmorangie needed an equally innovative way of launching their ‘made to mix’ offering to a new market of young cocktail fans. Taking inspiration from the product’s proposition, we created a first of its kind Jukebox that mixed music and cocktails – the Mix Machine.

We commissioned legendary producer DJ Tall Paul to create a series of mixes that acted as soundtracks for each cocktail experience.

Taking X to the UK

Launching at London’s legendary Cocktail Week, our innovative Mix Machine toured the UK stopping at renowned bars like The Botanist in London and The Alchemist in Edinburgh.

To ensure everyone knew where to find the Mix Machine, we created a series of geo-targeted social ads that drove foot traffic. And we worked with Spotify to create a series of recipe card playlists, featuring songs that when read together became the actual cocktail recipes – a partnership first for them.

The Mix Machine certainly caused a stir – gaining 5.9M PR impressions across numerous cocktail publications and blogs, 6.4M impressions within the Spotify listener base and many happy mixers nationwide.