#launchthelove, Stop Hate

#launchthelove, Stop Hate

At Perfect Storm we believe we have a purpose to apply our creativity to make a positive impact in the world. Every year we create a Christmas campaign that supports a charity whose work we believe in. This year we’ve partnered with Stop Hate UK. They are one of the UK’s leading national organisations working to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination.

We are passionate that hate has no place in any society. Unfortunately, in 2017, we have seen a rise in hate crime and discrimination. The rhetoric on many social media channels has been divisive and damaging. The president of the United States is a prime example. His war of words with Kim Jong Un feels like it could spill over into world war 3 at any moment. And, to top it off, he recently retweeted a Britain First post – a fascist UK hate group. You seriously couldn’t make it up. It’s horrifying. Anyway, we shouldn’t have to explain why hate is bad but we should shine a light on the issue, because silence in adversity is the same as acceptance.

Even though our campaign to #launchthelove using a Missile-Toe is tongue-in-cheek there is a very serious message behind it. Christmas has always been a time for love, peace and goodwill – the perfect time to remind everyone of the destruction that hate causes to society. We hope that this campaign will raise awareness of the issue and that it will help Stop Hate UK continue the crucial work they do to help victims of hate crime and discrimination.

To help #launchthelove, head on over to our Facebook page and share the video. For every share, we’ll donate 10p to Stop Hate UK.

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