Creative Wave – March 3

Creative Wave – March 3

Happy Moving Day! Grab a plate, wrap it in newspaper and please stow it safely. That’s totally a metaphor for this week’s Creative Wave… I just haven’t quite worked out why yet. Inspiration is like a plate, I guess, and the newspaper, maybe, represents the nurturing of said ideation. Or something. But anyway, please do pack your life up into a box and get lost (till Monday). What’s the saying? You ain’t got to go home, but you got to get the heeeeeeellllllll outta here!

Just to confirm: as of Monday March 6th, we’ll be in One Oliver’s Yard.



The Music are one of the best bands you probably have never heard of. They were astonishing live but alas the band split in 2011. This is their seminal anthem The Walls Get Smaller 



You almost certainly don’t know the name Trey Spruance. But he’s had a hand in shaping a huge amount of musical culture over the last 30 years, performing and producing for groups such as: Faith No More, Mr Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3. The guy can play virtually every instrument in every style of music, and has always described his approach to production to be closer to scoring a film than recording an album. He can go from thrash metal to afrobeat to deep techno to Bollywood with the course of one song, and somehow it all still sounds superb. California by Mr Bungle and Book M by Secret Chiefs 3 are good places to start, but beware, you can easily get lost down the rabbit hole… Spruance is estimated to have had some role in more than 180 releases to date…



* Superb new campaign from Yorkshire Tea that puts a nice twist on the usual sycophantic celebrity endorsements. The Kaiser Chiefs, the Bownlees and Parky star in the spots-



* If you haven’t already, please make sure you listen to Matthew Luhn – chief storyteller at Pixar – talk about the emotional responses that are so important in his films-


* I really love this spoof healthy living ad from KFC to launch their Dirty Louisiana burger-


* Did you know that Facebook has artificial intelligence software built-in these days? They’re testing it to identify users who might be suicidal or exhibiting terrorist tendencies-


* The university of Arizona made history this week as they drafted the first openly gay American football player in college league history. His name is My-King Johnson-


* Watch the moment from last weekend’s Academy Awards where La La Land was mistakenly awarded Best Picture


* A new initiative called Creative Equals urges agencies to nominate their inspirational women to become future female leaders. Sounds a bit familiar…


* Excellent trailer for one of the year’s big films, Guardians of the Galaxy 2


* Nice emotional spot that calls for unity from Cadillac, first shown during the Oscars-


* One of the best TV shows of the last few years is The Leftovers. It’s second series raised the bar even further. The third, and final, season is coming soon-


* Interesting ad here from a new social initiative called Poverty Is Sexist


* Here’s a lovely eulogy to actor Bill Paxton who died last weekend-


* Some of the most stunning and beautiful deserts I’ve ever seen designed by an ex-architect, who’s using 3D modelling to create some truly unique shapes-


* Here’s an update from Christopher Nolan about his upcoming Dunkirk project-


* I really like these Where’s wally? inspired print ads from UN Women to highlight how lack of diversity is still a huge problem in Egypt-


* New from one of the UK’s best lyricists Jam Baxter. He has a new album dropping next month-


* Something for old dance heads. Leftfield are back and playing Brixton in a couple of months-


* New to the London hipster scene is Draughts – a board game café in, surprise surprise, East London-


* Here’s the full trailer for Alien: Covenant. Technically it looks like a real treat-


* Great new web series here. Gordon Ramsey answers basic cooking questions posed to him over Twitter, with his own very unique sense of humour-


* Netflix are a pretty serious production outfit these days. At the end of May they have an original film staring Brad Pitt premiering on their streaming service-


* Nice little mash-up mix of classic DJ Shadow instrumentals with Run The Jewels acapellas over the top-


* Introducing o2’s new live experiences, which they’re signalling by asking people to follow the rabbit


* Really great clip of Gary Neville talking about retirement. The whole interview with both Neville brothers is in the side panel-


* Kendrick Lamar, Beck and Tom Waits talk about their forthcoming album projects-


* This week Deliveroo launched their first TV ad. For such a creative business, unfortunately it’s a pretty bland-


* Something here for experiential theatre fans. New from the production company A Door In The Wall is a new detective adventure called Horses for Corpses


* Less than a week to enter your subversive fake ads in this year’s Chip Shop Awards


* Word is that apparently series three of Better Call Saul will introduce us to Saul himself-


* Very clever idea here from WWF Belgium. They specifically targeted families with surnames close to dying out and encouraged them to help another family on the cusp of extinction I.e. Tigers-


* The BBC has been making some great drama recently. Line of Duty is one of the very best. It’s back soon and guest stars Westworld’s Thandie Newton-


* This week 6Music have been paying homage to one of the best years ever in music. Here’s their final rundown of the best albums from 1994


* One of Berlin’s finest Ben Klock is taking up residency in London’s Printworks from April. Expect A-list guests such as Marcel Dettmann and Ben Sims-


* Skin cancer is a real problem in Wales, so to raise awareness of the dangers of ‘becoming a lobster,’ the Welsh flag has been hijacked. More outstanding work from WCRS-


* This is beautiful. An illustrated globe that celebrates the history of Royal Ascot


* Korea is quite strange. They’ve just developed an app that lets you take a selfie with dead relatives. I have no idea why. They look utterly bizarre too-


* Big news at the Mobile World Congress as Nokia resurrected their classic 3310 phone. It includes ‘limited’ internet capabilities and, most importantly, the classic game Snake-


* A group calling themselves This Ain’t Rock N Roll are planning a ‘shocking’ David Bowie memorial in Brixton. You can crowd-fund it now if you so wish-


* Grab tickets for an exhibition match with a difference: Man United Legends vs Barcelona Legends. Expect the likes of Ronald De Boer and Hristo Stoichkov to strut their stuff-

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