Creative Wave – March 10

Creative Wave – March 10

Happy Friday and Happy New Office everyone! Our first transmission from One Oliver’s Yard is a special one. We celebrate International Women’s Day, inclusivity, progress in football and all the other usual film, TV, music and advertising stuff you’ve come to expect. Finally, don’t forget to listen to Jaimie Fuller’s exclusive interview with Lance Armstrong here: 



I’ve had this in my head for about a fortnight now, so it’s going to have to be Giggs’ unofficial UK national anthem Talkin’ Da Hardest – 



It seems fitting that this week we go with Bessie Coleman. She is awesome. Bessie was born to African American and Native American parents in the deep south in the 1890s, but from an early age she was fascinated by flight. She wanted to prove that women of colour could be successful, but she was rejected from flight school in America because of her gender and her race. So, she taught herself French, moved to France and got her pilot’s license two years before Amelia Earhart. She then returned to America and became famous across the country for doing stunt shows… But she would only perform for crowds that weren’t segregated, which was obviously quite a statement in the 1920s.


* Nike unveiled the Pro Hijab this week – athletic headgear for Muslim women around the world. They also rolled out new women’s campaigns in Russia and Turkey-


* Manchester United became the first football club to officially partner with LBGTI charity Stonewall


* Earlier than expected, here’s a fun little teaser for Deadpool 2 which will be out later this year-


* What does the future of sports marketing look like? Interesting article, featuring the wise words of our very own Jason Foo!


* A strong example of work for International Women’s Day here by The Partners, who urge everyone to help rewrite the code


* As the IPA turns 100 years old, Campaign looks back at the best of British advertising… featuring posters, commercials and relics-


* Series 7 – the penultimate one – of Game Of Thrones has a premiere date. Read on and watch a preview here-


* This week Orlando FC’s new stadium opened. Here’s a picture of the 49 rainbow coloured seats permanently reserved for the 49 shot dead inside Pulse nightclub last year-


* Pint-sized New Zealander Lorde is back with a new fairly poppy track called Green Light


* Get your first look at Ewan McGregor in one of his two roles in series three of Fargo


* A round-up of some more work from around the country for International Women’s Day


* Here’s a question that no one’s ever asked: how much would it cost to actually produce The Truman Show year on year? Well, someone’s answered it-


* Cardiff Metropolitan University has replaced a whole host of terminology like ‘gentleman’s agreement’ and ‘right hand man’ with more modern and ‘gender-neutral’ alternatives


* You’ve heard of ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manspreading,’ but here’s ‘manterrupting.’ BETC Sao Paulo created an app to help women track how often they’re interrupted by men at work


* A good retrospective look at why Silence of the Lambs was such a masterpiece of feminism and defeating the male gaze-


* Exciting news this week as The FA announced the trial of video referees from next season. Only in the FA Cup at first, but then throughout the rest of the league-


* Gasp in awe at one of the first ever clear photos of Saturn’s moon, Pan, taken by the Cassini Probe. It’s only about 30km across-


* A series of hidden Knights Templar caves were discovered this week beneath a field in Shropshire. Cue a series of Da Vinci Code-esque crackpot theories-


* The internet reacts to Barcelona completing the greatest comeback in football history-


* Netflix are investing heavily in stand up comedy, with new and exclusive specials planned every week-


* 20 years ago, Kool Keith reinvented himself and became Dr Octagon. The result was one of the most interesting hip-hip albums of all time. This vinyl reissue box-set is just stunning-


* Strike one for diversity: Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin will feature middle-eastern leads! Hardest part is going to be finding a carpet who can act. They always seem a bit flat to me-


* Brazilian football team Cruzeiro wear special shirts to highlight some awful stats that show inequality in the country, and fight for female empowerment


* Meet The Fearless Girl, who appeared this week opposite The Charging Bull in Manhattan-


* Sonos have a new product out in April designed especially for TVs. It’s called a PlayBase and looks pretty smart-


* The next stage of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is a big one. It involves 32 women from around the world, shot by Mario Testino


* After a couple of years of slowly grinding the Champions League into the ground, BT Sport have just rebid and rewon the TV rights until 2021-


* Havas Chicago have developed an interesting installation for Black History Month. They’ve built a ‘Jobstacle Course,’ designed to highlight subtle racism in the workplace


* Technology is something isn’t it? The clever chaps and chapettes at Chef 3D have developed technology that means NASA can print pizzas in outer space in just five minutes-


* After controversy surrounding her racy Vanity Fair cover photo, Emma Watson hit back at critics who questioned her feminist values-


* And in related news, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been nominated for a record 11 Olivier Awards-

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