Creative Wave – April 28

Creative Wave – April 28

Happy Friday everyone! Blah blah blah busy week blah blah blah out this afternoon blah blah blah hope you enjoy the following selection of the weird and the wonderful. And if you haven’t already, check us out in Campaign’s World Leading Independent Agencies! Very exciting – 




A throwback to when Busta Rhymes was good and music video were an art form. This is the classic Gimme Some Mo 




Carl Friedrich Gauss is a name I only came across last week. He’s widely considered the most important mathematician since classical antiquity, refining something called modular arithmetic and proving another thing called the quadratic reciprocity law, as well as doing all sorts of interesting things with polygons and modelling. Anyway, the point is that this week his personal diaries indicated that had he published everything when he discovered them (I.e. Mid 18th century), he would’ve advanced mathematics by more than 50 years. I’m still struggling with standard deviation.



* Woman’s organisation IGNITE released a handwriting workbook for girls which includes inspirational quotes from prominent female politicians and pioneers while they work-


*Arsenal become the first club in the world to offer live streaming of their games, via Amazon-


* This week Joey Barton was banned from all football activity for 18 months. He made quite an interesting statement though about the relationship the game has with betting


* Check this astonishing photo from the Cassini probe as it starts its final orbit of Saturn. That tiny white dot is Earth by the way-


* Instantly iconic photo from the weekend. Lionel Messi notches his 500th goal for Barcelona in the last second to win the game at the Bernabeu. Then did this to the Madrid fans-

Just three days later, the Barca fans seem to be have picked the idea up and run with it 


* Meanwhile, some of Messi’s famous friends and former teammates congratulate him on the monumental achievement-


* Bruce Duckworth, president of D&AD picks his top 10 pieces of work from this week’s D&AD Festival. Obviously some great stuff in here-


* I’ve talked about Logic before. Superb rapper. His new single 1-800-273-8255 is made for the Suicide Prevention Hotline in the States. Great stuff-


* It’s been out for a while, but I can’t recommend this enough. Get Out is one of the sharpest, most interesting films in years-


* Meet the company who actively tries to recruit people based on Mr Men profiles. So, are you Mr Lazy or Mr Uppity?


* On Wednesday – three days after it officially began – ‘gorilla man’ was still crawling the London Marathon. Has he reached the finish line yet? Hard to say!


* If you haven’t read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, you must. A serialised TV version is being released in the States this week. No word on a UK release yet though-


*Lad Bible get a pretty bad rep, but at the end of last year they launched a mental health hub called U OK M8? which is worthy of praise. Nice illustrations by Wilson too-


* Fascinating story here about Carlos Kaiser, a famous Brazilian football conman. Gary Lineker’s production company is working on a film as we speak-


* A year after Battlefield went back to its WW2 roots, Call of Duty has followed suit. Here’s the announcement trailer-


* Did you notice the guy running the London Marathon with a giant Dunkin Donut hanging in front of his face? Quite like the fake 80s infomercial that launched it-


* Last Friday was the first day in recent history that the whole of Britain operated without any coal power. Yes, gas and renewables were able to power the country for 24 hours-


* Lovely old shot of the FX team working on building the original R2D2 back in the late 70s. This was one of three models they had, and the only one without an actor in-


* New from Goldie, this is Castaway. It’s more like Bruno Mars than Inner City Life


* A dubious honour for Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos this weekend; clinching the most red cards ever. Here’s a retrospective of his 22 sending offs


* Never one to think before he speaks, Boris Johnson this week weighed in on the general election to call Jeremy Corbyn a ‘mugwump.’ Nice that he’s finally started reading Harry Potter I guess-


* This week a rather unique item went up for sale: a solid gold Darth Vader mask. Yeah, it’ll cost you over a million, but well worth it-


* Has the Kindle bubble burst? This year physical book sales have gone back up after years of decline-


* Hilarious old story about Brian Clough trying to seal a British record transfer, as told by the target of said transfer, Dean Saunders



* For anyone looking for a good podcast, give S-Town a go. It’s from the makers of Serial and This American Life


* Does anyone remember Lee Trundle? Swansea legend. Well, he came out of retirement this year aged 40 and has banged in 45 goals in just 26 games! Crazy-


* Get excited about Alien: Covenant with this new prologue that aims to stitch Prometheus into the new film-


* Ever heard the phrase ‘advertising puffery?’ Well, according to BMW, that’s what its latest print ad headline amounted to-


* The live action Jungle Book was surprisingly great. Next up for Disney is a live action Lion King and here’s some casting news. They had me at Donald Glover


* Ever wanted to make your world more ribenary? I thought so! Well, thanks to this new virtual reality Ribena app, now you can-


* As promised last week, here’s the full trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle


*Tom Hardy brushes up his hardman credentials by chasing down a real-life thief through back gardens and all sorts, and catching him. What a guy-


* More than 20 years after his first encounter with those pesky dinosaurs, Jeff Goldblum is going back to Jurassic Park next year in Jurassic World 2


* Hi-jinks this weekend as a group of West Ham supporting teenagers posted a provocative snap on twitter to attract Everton hooligans. Photoshops were done, laughs were had-


* One of the more, er, interesting film projects for a while. After he finishes work on Thor, Taika Waititi plans to make an animatic film about Michael Jackson’s monkey, Bubbles-


* Possibly inspired by last year’s McWhopper, ITV and Channel 4 are joining forces this week to lead the charge against dementia stigma-


* Last week we looked at Heineken’s latest social experiment video. I quite liked it. How did it stack up against Pepsi’s purposeful catastrophe though?


* New stats out this week show that more than half all young people watch illegal football streams. I wonder how Sky and BT will react?


* Just a couple of years after shareholders, fans and celebrities threatened to walk away from the club, Sheffield United have agreed to resign Ched Evans


* A few weeks ago I showed you an ad that joked about letting a dog pay for its own shopping. Well, now Bakers seem to have actually done it. Introducing DogPay


* Do you remember the time Pep’s Barcelona played Tito’s Barcelona at futsal? It was pretty glorious. Check the back of Valdes’ shirt for huge lols-

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