Creative Wave – April 13

Creative Wave – April 13

Happy Thursday everyone. It’s been a busy week so I apologise for what is something perhaps a bit shorter than you’re used to. But never fear, we’ve still got plenty of inspiring tales of sport, advertising, social experiments etc for you to sink your teeth. Have a great Easter.



A nice relaxing vibe into the long Easter weekend here from Kamasi Washington. This one’s off his album The Epic and is called Cherokee



This week I’d like to talk about Babe Zaharias. She’s widely considered one of the most successful American athletes of all time, having achieved enormously in basketball, athletics and golf in the 1930s. She was even the first woman to compete in a men’s PGA tour event, back when most clubs wouldn’t even let women in through the front door.


* Go behind the scenes of some of rock’s most infamous hotels in this fun article that includes antics from Led Zeppelin, Lemmy, Bob Dylan et al-


* The new Kathryn Bigelow film looks back on the Detroit race riots in the late 60s. It’s concisely called Detroit. If only someone had had a can of Pepsi to hand…


* I thought that since we all had a good laugh about that Ronaldo statue, we should praise a quality statue this week. Check out this likeness of Robert Shaw as Quint in Jaws


* This summer, Thor is back, and this time he’s traveled to a planet populated by Hulks. I think?! Irregardless, this looks decent. I believe Ragnarok is Viking Armageddon-


* Here’s the moment when Russell Westbrook set a new NBA record by posting his 42nd Triple-Double of the season. It beat a record set in 1961. Extraordinary-


* This is creative from charity Stand Up To Cancer. They’re encouraging young people to start fundraising by hosting computer game evenings, and even sponsored Twitch sessions-


*John Oliver and a vast array of HBO stars – from Game of Thrones to Curb Your Enthusiasm – attempt to recreate the classic ‘aaah’ sound from the old days–


* Did you manage to catch the full-blown rave on a tube train on the Bakerloo Line this week? Harry Shotta was pon the moc-


* Is this the album Kendrick Lamar is about to drop tomorrow? Damn


* After Tuesday’s horrible bus attack in Dortmund, it was really nice to see football fans coming together in a social campaign that offered free beds for visiting Monaco fans


* I admit, I normally hate stuff like this. However, this version of Ed Sheeran’s The Shape of You resung using just old footballers’ names is absolutely brilliant-


* It was the University Challenge final this week. See how you measure up against the two final contestants, Balliol Oxford and Wolfson Cambridge-


* Now his contract’s over, Frank Ocean’s releasing music like nobody’s business. Here’s a track called Biking with Jay-Z and Tyler the Creator-


* This week the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team announced their new logo with a seriously hype video, staring Slug from Atmosphere and more. Bit long, but nice-


* Missed this last year at Cannes but it’s great. A New Zealand beer company rebranded around the idea that beer by-products could be recycled as fuel. Introducing Brewtroleum


* Here’s a new ad from Zoopla which features sassy and amusing hermit crabs


* I like the look of this film a lot. It’s basically ‘Jane Wick’ but the casting, styling, everything elevates it. Check out Atomic Blonde


* 10 episodes of a new Gorillaz TV show is in the works-


* Not content with blowing Barcelona off the pitch, Giorgio Chiellini had another success this week as he received a distinction in his Masters degree in Business Administration-


* The final Uncharted game – Lost Legacy – has a trailer and a release date: August 23. Nice-


* Interesting social experiment on Reddit called ‘Place.’ They offered everyone the chance to paint a pixel, but then communities started collaborating, and then… well check it out-


* Fresh out the vaults, this is unreleased DangerDoom (Danger Mouse and MF DOOM) featuring Black Thought from The Roots-


* This art series is absolutely stunning. Classic computer games scenes and characters reimagined as classic Japanese woodblocks


* Mulder and Scully are back! This time it’s for X Files: Cold Cases, a brand new audiobook series-


* Watch the Rage Against the Machine classic Killing In The Name replayed by three (presumably unemployed) gentlemen using children’s toys-


* Newly released data says that 38% of teenagers watch Netflix everyday. That’s more than YouTube or traditional cable TV-


* This week Cristiano Ronaldo broke yet another record. Amazing. I wonder whether he or Messi will finish on top?

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