Creative Wave – November 28

Creative Wave – November 28

Happy Monday everyone. A slight hiccough early on in the life of the Creative Wave, but even though it’s Monday and not Friday, you’ll still find all the usual audio-visual gubbins to sink your metaphorical teeth into. A day late, but a quid over. 



A lot of people don’t know that Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie once did a whole concert together. It was an absolutely incredible evening which saw 31 classic tracks from two of the strongest back catalogues in the industry get an airing. Here they are performing the amazing Hurt :

* Watch Drake embarrass himself dancing and singing along to Taylor Swift in this fun new spot for Apple Music-


* Interesting idea from San Miguel – this weekend’s Guardian is going to come with an ‘alternative rich list,’ of inspiring people from around the world who aren’t necessarily wealthy rich, but rather ‘life rich’-


* New trailer for Kong: Skull Island actually looks pretty damn good. Strong cast too-


* People end up sleeping on the streets for many reasons. They are often victims, and have been left behind by a government who wishes they didn’t exist. Tonight is the annual Sleep Out, where usually homed people take to the streets for the night to raise money for the homeless. Brilliant cause-


* Lots of movies claim to be ‘based on a true story,’ but what percentage of those films are actually truthful? Nice infographics-


* This week FIFA have released their annual Puskas award nominations for the best goal scored in the last 12 months-


* Some of adland’s most prominent names review the raft of 2016 Christmas commercials


* This is another cool music video from OK GO. Here they set off a huge load of explosions and create a mess in 4.5 seconds, then replay it all in slow-motion. Good fun-


* Watch the first trailer for Martin Scorcese’s next picture Silence. Looks interesting-


* Check out these new adidas kicks that are made purely from recycled plastic fished out of the sea-


* Here’s a rough (but amazing clip) from the forthcoming third series of Rick n Morty. Can’t wait to see the finished version-


* Relive one of the most comical stories in all of football as Ali Dia cons his way onto the pitch for Southampton in a Premier League game. 20 years ago this week-

 Good follow-up piece this week here:


* This interesting new spot from the Met Police shows how their new body-worn cameras can help to tackle crime and provide an independent eye witness account-


* How beautiful is this? David Pelham and Christopher Wormell have made a pop-up book of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic The Raven


* Legendary film studios is going to have another crack at adapting Frank Herbert’s Dune. You might remember David Lynch had a go in the 80s, but it was a bit of a disaster-

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