Creative Wave – March 17

Creative Wave – March 17

Happy Friday and Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone. To celebrate this grand day, ’tis a very cultured and civilised edition this week, with classical tales of vision and invention that stretch back hundreds of years. Oh, and Lego and trainers. Enjoy / share / contribute / nod along sagely.



One from the hip-hop vaults. Jay Electronica over a beautifully soulful Just Blaze beat, this is Exhibit C : 



You won’t have heard of one of Britain’s true 20th century radicals. Jessie Knight was a circus sharpshooter, a stuntwoman, an artist, and the country’s first female tattooist. Oh, she shot her husband because he kicked her dog down the stairs as well. Her endeavour also lead to her being verbally and physically attacked by her jealous rivals. In case you haven’t realised yet, she’s seriously cool. Read more of her story here-

A lot of her revolutionary work is now on display for the first time. You can go see it, as well as the work of other early tattooing pioneers, at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall-


* Everyone has heard of Ludwig van Beethoven. But did you know he was involved in the first ever ‘soundclash’ and musical ‘beef’ in history? The story of his improvisation contest with Daniel Steibelt in 1800s Vienna is incredible-


* New from Edgar Wright, here’s the first trailer for Baby Driver. It’s the concluding part of the ‘Cornetto trilogy’ which includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz


* Read the fascinating story of lingerie brand Cosabella who replaced their digital agency with an artificial intelligence and saw a 30% increase in its customer base, and triple ROI-


* Love the design for this new range of tattoo aftercare products called Electric Ink. Really nicely done and obviously note-perfect for the products-


* In a decent little PR stunt, Heinz have decided to run the ads designed by Don Draper in the TV show Mad Men. Who the frig puts ketchup on a steak though?!


* Months after what was called ‘the most British incident of all time,’ Boaty McBoatface actually launches this week-


* A few select scenes from this year’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi were revealed this week, including Luke Skywalker’s first words since 1983-


* I really enjoyed KFC’s Clean Living spot a few weeks ago. I also really enjoyed this new Irish Family Bucket piece they’ve done for St Patrick’s Day (I.e. today)-


* For International Women’s Day last week, one Ohio bookstore turned every male-authored book around to illustrate the gender gap in literature


* This week the Royal Mail have finally released their long-promised limited edition David Bowie stamps. There are rather smart-


* Cheerios have teamed up with The Bee Cause to help stop declining bee populations. Click here and they’ll send you a packet of wildflower seeds for free-


* Interesting video for a great track featuring Badbadnotgood, Snoop Dogg and Kaytranda. Donald Trump is not happy about it. See why-


* Pubs in Australia have started boycotting Coopers Ale, after the company partnered with The Bible Society and made inflammatory comments about gay marriage-


* Here’s a great find. A rare upload of one of Denis Villeneuve’s early short films. He’s gone on to direct Sicario, Arrival and the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel-


* I like some of this MailChimp work a lot. Scroll down here to view some of the weird and wonderful short films they’ve made, from KaleLimp to JailBlimp


* Yesterday Trump released his equivalent on the budget. Check out this nice data-led explanation of everything with funding, and everything that’s facing cuts



* Irish agency Rothco ruffled a few feathers this week by releasing a first-person shooter designed purely to attract young people to join the real military, the Irish Defence Forces-


* New trailer for series three of Better Call Saul is here-


* Anthony Stewart Head – aka Giles – talks at length about what made Buffy the Vampire Slayer such a watershed moment in TV-


* Interesting read about the secret world of trolls. The weird internet types, not the huge cave-dwelling Scandinavian types-


* Creative Wave favourite Elon Musk has claimed he can fix South Australia’s power network in 100 days, otherwise it’s completely free. Bold, Elon. I like it-


* Next up from the wizards at Pixar is Coco. Looks wonderful-


* One of the most interesting new TV properties around is American Gods. The source material is simply wonderful, and I like the look of the cast. It premieres in a month’s time-


* I missed this first time round, but it’s interesting. Celebrity tattooist Scott Campbell hosted a social experiment last year, where random people stuck their arm through a hole in the wall and got inked based on the ‘feel he got for their life and personality’-


* Netflix have picked up Orson Welles’ incomplete final film The Other Side of the Wind and intend to restore and and finish it-


* This week an ancient Roman sarcophagus was discovered after someone spotted it was being used as a flower pot-


* Check out the launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Looks pretty amazing. It’s out today I think-


* Is influencer marketing a bubble that has the potential to burst? Interesting read-


* Another nail in the coffin of Hollywood. Warner Brothers are thinking about rebooting The Matrix. Jesus (and Neo) wept-


* The new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is already talking about rolling back some of the previous administration’s progressive stance on marijuana legalisation

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