Creative Wave – February 17

Creative Wave – February 17

Happy Friday everyone. What’s happened this week? Hmm. Lots of things. Arsenal finally played like Barcelona… Trump now considers even the BBC ‘fake news’… And our very own Jason Foo stunned the Dublin Tech Summit. Elsewhere here we talk about the Grammys, TV, Trainspotting and Twitter spats. Enjoy.



A great track by a seriously underrated band. They’ve been around a long time though, and have even been featured in Breaking Bad. This is DLZ by TV on the Radio 



Visionary data pioneer Hans Rosling sadly passed away last week. He was credited with making stats interesting again, and was incredibly inspirational in projects like Freakonomics. His belief was that data could tell a story, and that the backbone for any good idea should be robust statistics. He actually gave one of the first ever TED talks back in 2006, and ever since has been inundated to apply his methodology to everything from population growth to health standards. His mix of education and entertainment was coined ‘edutainment.’ Revisit some of Mr Rosling’s extraordinary work here-


* Watch A Tribe Called Quest perform live with some rather famous friends at last weekend’s Grammy Awards-


* This sounds brilliant. From the minds that brought you the Heist comes a chance to break into the Tower of London. It’s immersive theatre out of the very top drawer. Book now-


* Here’s an interesting spot by a Danish TV channel about togetherness. It’s a little bit twee maybe, much it’s quite nicely done. Warms the cockles, as they say-


* Following comments made by the company’s CEO, The Rock, Steph Curry, Simone Biles and many more have been quick to distance themselves from Under Armour


* Exciting development here: the wonderful Prince’s private archive of unreleased material is going to be opened up for the world to hear later this year on June 9th-


* Never one to be outshone, Adele wowed the Grammys last weekend too. She performed a tribute cover to George Michael-


* Big literary announcement this week from Philip Pullman. He has a new trilogy of His Dark materials books ready for release later in the year-


* Saturday Night Live mock the worthiness and social purposing in all of this year’s Superbowl ads in a sketch called ‘pitch meeting.’ It’s pretty funny-


* Very interesting long-form article here about how CP+B helped turn Domino’s Pizza’s fortunes around over the last decade…through tech, advertising and listening to customers –


* This new campaign from Subway turns annoying (internet) cookies into tasty, free (edible) cookies in participating stores. Nice, simple idea-


* Check out the winners from the Underwater Photographer of the Year awards. Stunning-


* Holy smokes, I want to see Lego Batman. Check out this cool live game Sky have built in the Westfield using Batman and the Joker to promote their broadband offering-


* Did you know it was New York fashion week this week? Here are six interesting stories you might’ve missed-


* A series of print ads for McDonalds’ McCafe have been selected for exhibition in the prestigious Poster House museum in New York-


* Good news for Blade Runner fans because new director Denis Villeneuve has promised the upcoming sequel will feature mainly practical, in-camera effects-


* Here’s a round-up of some of best Valentine’s Day campaigns released this week. From Burger King’s ‘adult’ toys to Dick the Dog to cupid’s search for his next victim-


* Something else for Tribe Called Quest fans… Phife Dawg’s posthumous solo album is dropping later in the year-


* Have a look at Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs’ plans to regenerate central Manchester. I actually quite like the look of the buildings to be honest. Fair play-


* Check out the finalists from the Google Play indie games developer contest here. The top 20 are on display at the Saatchi Gallery now-


* As if real life wasn’t frightening enough, American Horror Story is planning a take on the US Election for its next season-


* Despite huge efforts to the contrary, the IPA reports that advertising now features fewer female leaders and ethnic minorities than the last few years. Sad-


* A nice nostalgic listen here in the form of a 90s Trainspotting homage mix set-


* Interesting and candid interview here with former football prodigy Kevin-Prince Boateng


* Huge Twitter news this week as Piers Morgan and JK Rowling enjoyed a pretty vitriolic spat. Thankfully it seems to have ended with Mr Morgan being hoist by his own petard-


* A new Halloween film wouldn’t normally warrant inclusion, but when Danny McBride is going to write it, and John Carpenter’s excited enough to produce, it’s got my attention-


* Archaeologists in the Amazon have discovered a series of huge geoglyphs in the rainforest that have been compared to the Nazca Lines-


* Got a five-a-side team? Then you could win the FA People’s Cup. Enter before Sunday-

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