Creative Wave – November 18

Creative Wave – November 18

What follows is the inaugural edition of a new eclectic creative blog – an intellectual smorgasbord, if you will. It’s a selection of weird and wonderful links from the week just gone, that covers everything from advertising to sport to entertainment to art to women kicking ass in dystopian futures, which seems strangely apt given the world’s current political state. It’s all designed to intrigue, inspire and entertain. Hopefully everyone will find something of use lurking in its murky depths.


Is there anything that Donald Glover can’t do? His TV show Atlanta is staggeringly good, and his music – under the name Childish Gambino – is crazy too. Here’s the first single off his new album Awaken, My Love. It’s called Me and Your Mama and channels Prince, Parliament and Outkast to brilliant effect 


* To celebrate winning the GQ Man of the Year award, Ryan Reynolds gets interviewed by his identical twin brother. It’s pretty funny. I had to look up what a ‘beard’ was though-


* Google’s artificial intelligence is pretty amazing. Here it sets you some quick drawing challenges, and then tries to guess what you’ve drawn-


* New trailer for Luc Besson’s next foray into science-fiction. It’s called Valerian, and looks pretty flashy-


* In case you missed it, here’s John Oliver’s reaction to the presidential election, and 2016 in general-


* Get more excited than previously possible for Star Wars: Rogue One with a nice little 360 degree experience where you fly at the death star-


* I missed this ad last month, but I really quite like it. It’s an Audi sport spot by BBH which celebrates the company’s racing history at Le Mans-


* Super Mario Run will be jumping onto goombas on your mobile on December 15. Excellent news-


* Mike McCormack has won the Goldsmiths Prize for a novel he wrote in one single, unbroken sentence. The book’s called Solar Bones


* Hopefully by now you’ve all listen to A Tribe Called Quest’s new album. It’s very good. Here’s the story behind it by the people who made it-


* Just in from Samsung. Foldable phones are the future. Not flip phones. Folding phones-


* Have you seen The Babadook? If not, where have you been? it’s a superb Australian horror film. But if you have, then check this creepy narrated video of the book itself-


* The hottest food ticket in New York at the moment is Eureka. The chef Flynn McGarry is just 17 years old. He made the cover of The New York Times when he was just 14-


* Direct Line want to keep you safe at night by lighting dangerous paths. And they’re going to send in the drones. Interesting idea-


* Download the new BBC Earth app and get access to some of David Attenborough’s greatest natural history broadcasts-


* The highlight of the literary calender is clearly The Literary Review bad sex awards. Check out this year’s nominations in all their cringey, oozy (morning) glory-


* Check out this awesome YouTuber. He recreates famous meals from TV and cinema in fun, informative tutorials-


* Agent Provocateur releases a new perfume which is packaged in a suitably, er, provocative bottle-


* Finally, even though I’m already fed up of Christmas ads, the Mrs Claus-centric spot from M&S put a smile on my face. Nice stuff from RKCR/Y&R, in what’s their last piece of work for the brand-

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