Our brand and cultural transformational purpose

“To smash the retirement stereotypes and show that the end of work is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter.”

It’s Time to Retire the Cliches

When most people think about retirement, they often imagine all the same lazy stereotypes; knitting, rocking chairs and gold carriage clocks. But retirement has changed, and no-one knows that better than Legal & General. After all, they’ve been one of the major forces in that change. And because they believe every retirement is unique, they completely reinvented their retirement platform, making it simpler, removing the jargon and creating an array of products tailored to the myriad ways people now retire.

An Explosive Creative Solution

When it came time to tell people about L&G’s bold new approach to retirement, we decided to retire the retirement stereotypes in the most explosive way possible. By figuratively (and literally) smashing these retirement stereotypes, we were sending a powerful signal as to how serious L&G were to reinvent retirement. When it came to the results, we exploded those as well. Visits to legalandgeneral.com increased 319% and interactions with the retirement income calculator increased 542%. But most importantly, we were able to increase actual sales appointments and drive qualified leads into L&G’s advisor network. Annuity sales appointments rose 18% and pension sales appointments increased 133%.