Levelling up the absurd gender imbalance in healthcare

Levelling up the absurd gender imbalance in healthcare

For generations healthcare has been dominated by men which has meant that the care provided and the innovations made have been centred around male needs and women’s health has been overlooked. At BBD Perfect Storm Health, we’re on a mission to rehumanise healthcare and what better way to do that than to address the absurd gender imbalance in healthcare.

Ahead of the British government releasing their new women’s health strategy in the coming weeks, we spoke to experts in the women’s health field. We wanted to hear more about the steps that are already being made to level up the disparity that exists between the sexes when it comes to our health.

We’re inspired to see that women’s health is finally under the microscope and genuinely excited about what’s already being achieved in this space. This report not only celebrates female focussed, healthcare innovations, but features some shocking statistics and outlines how those communicating in healthcare can better address the needs of women.

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