Creative Wave – May 5

Creative Wave – May 5

Happy Friday folks. This week’s edition includes most of my favourite things in the world: art, sandwiches, replicants, dinosaurs, the Pogues and a guinea pig detective. Yes, a guinea pig detective. It’s even better than it sounds. As ever, please enjoy / contribute / pass off as your own. Have a great weekend.



An absolute classic here from Elvin Bishop. Fooled Around and Fell In Love has been covered many of times and then appeared again in its original form in the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy– 



I’ve been thinking a lot about Radiohead this week, so I’m going to go for Nigel Godrich. Perhaps not that obscure, but certainly someone who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He’s the producer, instrumentalist and all round genius behind Radiohead, Atoms for Peace and Thom Yorke’s classic Eraser album. Oh, and he’s also worked with Beck, Paul McCartney, U2 and REM. If you’ve ever wondered what a record producer does, he is a shining example of someone who’s helped a band shape their sound, distill it in an album and then constantly redefine it through the years. Modern music wouldn’t be the same without him, trust me. Here’s a bonus clip of the recording session for Ful Stop off last year’s Moon Shaped Pool album:  


* The New Zealand police have hired a new detective. And he is absolutely adorably cute. Oh, he’s also a guinea pig


* This week one of my favourite singers remixed one of my favourite songs in recent memory. This is Cee-Lo Green’s version of Childish Gambino’s Redbone


* Read the amazing story of a surfer who survived more than a day at sea after drifting 13 miles off-shore from Argyll-


* Radiohead’s classic album OK Computer is 20 years old next month. Check out these beautiful rerelease packages. God I feel old-


* Board games are back, and this time they’re cool. Check out this first look at a boardgame based on one of the best films ever made (yeah, I said it) John Carpenter’s The Thing


* This new sport is pretty amazing. I guess it’s called table-heading? It’s a cross between table tennis and head tennis


* Did you hear about the Fyre Festival last weekend? Ja Rule was involved in a premium, luxury island experience that unfortunately turned out to be complete disaster-


* New from the excellent War On Drugs is this, Thinking of a Place. It’s good but maybe a bit too long-


* Ahead of the new trailer being premiered on Monday, here are two gorgeous new Blade Runner 2049 posters


* I missed this earlier in the year but here’s a wonderful story about Serena Williams wondering past a tennis court and randomly challenging two guys to a game. Awesome!


* Did you know that before this year, the Turner Prize could only be awarded to artists under 50? Well, those rules have been relaxed, and this year the shortlist features two painters over 50-


* Under new rules, athletic records set before 2005 might be erased from history as the governing bodies look to leave behind the doping scandals of the past-


* Next year the FA is going to trial sin bins… but only for yellow cards shown for dissent. Weird one, but a step in the right direction I think-


* An entrepreneurial sandwich shop in LA heard Liam Neeson was in town and offered him free sandwiches. He didn’t leave them hanging-


* With Game of Thrones due to end in 2018, there are now four spin-offs series in the works at HBO-


* Next weekend there’s an awesome Pink Floyd retrospective starting at the V&A. Here are a few sample pics-


* Here’s our first bit of news about series two of Stranger Things. We’re promised more of a ‘horror tone’-


* Check out how brands around the world celebrated Star Wars Day – May the 4th – including some very weird and some quite wonderful ideas-


* As the release of the first Dark Tower film gears up, its two stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have been doing some Twitter pre-hyping-


* This week the mighty LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the second-highest ever pointscorer in play-offs. He can pass MJ and officially become King this year-


* Some clever bods have created a free Chrome extension to help voters identify political messages on Facebook-


* Here’s an odd story. The creator of The Wire David Simon is set to write a musical about the Pogues. Er… okay-


* What are the 20 coolest pubs in the country? And more importantly, how many have you been to?


* Interesting spot here from Spain that highlights how barbaric bullfighting is by using CGI dinosaurs-


* Just as a heads up, you’ve got until september to get rid of (I.e. spend!) all your old five pound notes


* Interesting article here. Are britons falling out of love with alcohol? Young people certainly seem much more health conscious than when I was a troublesome yout-

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