Creative Wave – March 30

Creative Wave – March 30

Happy… Thursday, again! A day early for a second week in a row because I’m gallivanting around once more tomorrow. Firstly, congratulations to everyone involved in the now officially Creative Pool Award-winning Keep DeFrosty Alive campaign. Well deserved! Soothe the weary award ceremony heads with a calming balm of intrigue and inspiration. DeFrosty would’ve wanted it this way.



Does the band Talk Talk ring a bell? Probably not. I’d never heard of them until this week. Their fourth record Spirit of Eden is extraordinary though. Without this, I don’t think there would be a Radiohead. This is the first track _The Rainbow_



Meet Patrizia Panico. She’s possibly Italy’s most decorated footballer, with more than two decades in the game and 185 international caps for her country. She’s won 10 _scudetti_ league titles and five Coppa Italias, finishing top scorer in the country a record 14 times. She’s considered so deadly that they call her ‘The Scorpion.’ But last week she wrote a more significant page in the history books by becoming the first woman to coach a male team in Italy when she took charge of the under-16 national team. It will be interesting to see how she does in such a male-dominated and football-mad country. She said that she hopes before too long, moves like her’s are considered normal, because: “it’s only fair that everyone is given the same opportunity for work. In the end, meritocracy should always prevail.” Amen sister.


* We open this week with a rare good news headline: a new population of rare tigers has been found in Eastern Thailand, including several cubs-


* New from the best rapper alive ™ Kendrick Lamar, this is little sneaky peak of his fourth album which is reportedly dropping April 7th-


* Entertainment Weekly go behind the scenes of the upcoming Twin Peaks revival. Premieres in May-


* New from Martin McDonagh, the writer/director of the brilliant In Bruges, comes the intriguing Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Weird title, but superb cast. Looks great-


* While the film itself doesn’t look great, this new poster for Alien Covenant is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of man being dragged down to hell in Dante’s Inferno. I love it-


* Nice little film here takes a look at the evolving art of the TV show title sequence


* Check out this year’s Creative Circle Annual, which aims to celebrate outsiders with its anarchic, punk rock stylings-


* Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown was one of last year’s most unique and provocative albums. Here’s an equally confrontational video for Ain’t It Funny, directed by Jonah Hill-


* This week Madeira airport was renamed in Cristiano Ronaldo’s honour. They also unveiled a fairly, er, suspect bronze bust of the great man. He can’t be happy with that!


* Ever fancied watching a chameleon dancing to Punjabi MC? Well now you can. Thanks Berocca-


* Check out Usain Bolt, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Napoleon – among others – starring in the high-octane new Virgin Fibre ad–


* This new box-set of Pink Floyd’s early work is quite astonishing. Firstly, it looks amazing, and secondly it features 27 discs-


* The future of True Detective is quite sketchy, but Deadwood creator David Milch has apparently just joined the team to help craft the third series-


* From comic relief last weekend came this superb People Just Do Nothing spot, featuring the Kurupt FM boys and Ed Sheeran. It’s hilarious-


* Did you see this giant inflatable breast atop a Shoreditch office last weekend and wonder if you were hallucinating?


* Interesting move from Grey. To promote ethnic diversity and honour their original Jewish founders, they’re changing their name to Valenstein & Fatt for the next 100 days-


* New trailer for another Spiderman reboot. This one takes place in the Avengers universe though and looks pretty entertaining. It’s called Spiderman Homecoming


*Serbia is a funny old place. In this week’s Presidential Elections, one guy has decided to run a ‘spoof’ character who’s currently second in the polls-


* Listen to the first track off the new Public Service Broadcasting album. It’s called Progress, but paradoxically seems to mark a bit of a step backward for the band-


* Here’s a new trailer for the 2017 version of Stephen King’s IT. This is part one – just featuring the kids – with part two following their grown-up adventures due next year-


* It seems like Elon Musk is afraid his puny human brain is holding him back, because his latest venture is a chip in the brain called Neuralink


* These are excellent – food bags that allow you to use your washing machine to cook a meal. They’re called Sous La Vie, and are predicated on modern Sous Vide techniques-


* This new ‘baby friendly’ extension for Chrome lets new parents browse the internet while entertaining their new-borns at the same time-–saatchi.13430


* The head of Framestore Labs ponders the future of digital advertising, as Piccadilly Circus’ iconic screens are due for a revamp this year-


* New trailer for one of the year’s biggest films, Justice League. Not I said ‘biggest,’ rather than ‘potentially best’ or ‘most interesting’-


*Halifax give another classic TV show an update with their new ad staring the Thunderbirds


* Can you believe that World Air Max Day has already come and gone for another year? Crazy, right? Well, these subversive arty posters were a rare treat-

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