Creative Wave – March 23

Creative Wave – March 23

Happy Friday everyone. In this week’s edition we download this year’s SxSW, ponder why Skeletor is always miserable and scratch our heads over what’s a Bacon and what’s a Saville. Until next week.



I think Oddisee might be the best rapper you’ve (probably) never heard of. Classic sound, but also modern. This is an oldish one called _Back of my Mind_ that never gets tired:



50 years before women were allowed to enrol in medical school, Margaret Ann Bulkley dressed as a man for 56 years to study medicine and practice as her alter-ego, Dr James Barry. It was only when she died in 1865 that her secret was exposed, a mere 46 years after working as an army medical officer. While operating as Dr Barry, she gained a reputation for outspoken views – which provoked more than one pistol duel – and for ‘his’ intimate relationship with Lord Charles Somerset, leading to many accusations of homosexuality. She was also the first British surgeon to successfully perform a Caesarean section. You can read more about her remarkable life here-


* Have a look at Disney’s latest hubristic edifice. This is a recreation of the world from the Avatar films. Soon you’ll be able to explore Pandora Park for yourself-


* The first poster for Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower is rather excellent. Love the books, can’t wait to see the film-


* Food purveyors and general do-gooders Deliveroo have built a bike out of 74 old kitchen utensils. I’m sure it’s called something clever like a Recycle-


* A new album is on the horizon from Public Service Broadcasting. Not much is known but it sounds like it focuses on the 80s industrial decline. Trailer here-


* Interesting little spot here. It’s a feature with a fantastic director called Hiro Murai – he’s responsible for a lot of great music videos, and the TV shows Atlanta and Legion


* Here’s the final trailer of the final series of The Leftovers. Well worth catching up on if you like your drama portentous and a bit miserable. It’s actually very good-


* At this year’s Cannes Lions, Burger King will be announced as the Creative Marketer of the Year


* Goodyear aren’t messing around. They’ve designed a car tyre with artificial intelligence that can read the road and adapt on the fly-


* The new album from the Gorillaz is on the horizon. Here’s a first look at the potential track listing-

Watch the video for Busted & Blue here-


* What can we all learn from statistically the most popular TV ads of 2016?


* Meet Patrizia Panico – the first woman to manage a male football team in Italy. She’s in charge of the under-16 national team-


* M&S is the latest company to pull its ads from Google after it emerged that content was appearing alongside extremist videos


* Read the fascinating story of the Syrian national football team, as they try to secure qualification for the 2018 World Cup-


* This year’s Coachella looks big. The team behind the event have brought virtual reality to the forefront with an exciting new app for before, during and after the festival-


* Take a look at some of the hottest wearable tech ideas from South by South West-


* The ‘epic’ MoneySupermarket is back with a new ad featuring Skeletor. Yes, the villain from He-Man


* Check out some of the most interesting and promising tech start-ups with the finalists for the Pitch at the Palace Boot Camp Entrepreneurs-


* One of the best TV shows around these days is sarcastic spy spoof Archer. They’re back soon with a new, noir-themed series. Looks good-


* Donate a bit of money to Red Nose Day and together we can shut Piers Morgan up for at least 24 hours-


* Have a look at Apple’s new video editing app called Clips. Somewhere between iMovie and Instagram/Snapchat, but designed to make content for any social network-


* Ever wondered what the average person who works in advertising looks like? MEC used facial composite software to create them. And guess what: it’s a white man-


* This week Stephen Hawking suggested that it might be possible for a nano spacecraft to travel at 20% the speed the light and reach Alpha Centuri in just 20 years. Read more-


* Humans can control machines, but what happens when machines start to control humans? This interesting art installation asks that question-


* As Eraserhead turns 40, the Guardian looks back at David Lynch’s frankly terrifying debut-


* Facebook has now added a ‘fake news’ filter, with disputed news articles appearing with a flag-


* Bradford’s co-chairman Edin Rahic wants to give football back to the working classes, and has promised £1 Premier League tickets if his club make it back up there-


* Read the bonkers story of The Evil Within – a weird vanity project slash horror film that’s finally been released after 15 years in limbo-


* New from Run The Jewels, this is the video for Legend Has It


* Is Danny Boyle keen to ride the momentum train and make a Trainspotting spin-off that focuses purely on Begbie? Maybe…


* Can you name the 10 artists that designed these famous album covers? Warning: this is very tough-


* Interesting spot from the States asks everyone to stop treating people with Down Syndrome like they’ve got special needs-

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