Creative Wave – February 24

Creative Wave – February 24

Happy Friday everyone. What a windy week, but now the sun’s out – yay! Let’s hope it stays nice over the weekend. But that’s enough about the weather. Elsewhere this week we mourn the death of English football through the pasty-shaped Pie Gate and the ruthless sacking of Claudio Ranieri.



You don’t normally associate Devon with blues or rock and roll, but Moriaty have bucked the trend. They are awesome. Think The Black Keys, Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age. This is a single called Bones : 



I’ve chosen Mandy Parnell this week. Not just because she’s awesome at what she does, but because she also has an incredible story. A former runaway, Ms Parnell lived on the streets before finding her calling being a sound desk. She’s since been responsible for the mixing and mastering of albums from Aphex Twin’s Syro, to recent releases from the Chemical Brothers and Brian Eno. She’s perhaps most famous though for her work with Bjork, helping to redefine the Icelandic one’s sound over her last two albums, as well as perfecting her amazing virtual reality experience, Bjork Digital. You read more here – 



Love this from Samsung. During the Tel Aviv marathon, they’re gamifying every runner and letting them pick up virtual coins on the course to donate real money to charity. I’m not explaining it very well. Just read and watch the video. Love the 8-bit graphics too-


Fans of the action TV show 24 might’ve realised it was back last week. Well, here you can experience a short prequel to the story in full 360 virtual reality. It’s called The Raid


Remember in The Life Aquatic there were those fantastic David Bowie covers? Well, the man responsible – Brazilian guitarist Seu Jorge – is playing them live later this year-



Check out the new Eurostar film campaign. It has a certain Wes Anderson quality to it. I quite like it-


This week Saudi Arabia took a huge towards equality by appointing Sarah Al Suhaimi – shock horror, a woman – as the head of the Saudi stock exchange


While his team Sutton United hosted Arsenal on Monday night, reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw tucked into a pie during the second half. Here’s the now-infamous video-


Another classic TV show is almost back now too: Twin Peaks. Here are a couple of short teasers that don’t give much away ahead of the big relaunch in May-


This is quite fun. McDonalds have a pop at fancy coffee shops to promote their stripped back, simple McCafe-


Read a bit more about how the next stage of This Girl Can is attempting to tackle that ‘difficult second album’-


I want this real bad. Check out the craft and design here on this beautiful gatefold vinyl reissue of The Thing’s soundtrack. Amazing film, amazing score-


The first trailer for Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur film is pretty strong. Like the cast a lot, and obviously it’s a great choice of music-


Read the case for and against Claudio Ranieri in the wake of his sacking… just nine months after winning the title with Leicester at odds of 5000/1-


To a lot of people, Howard Shore’s score for Lord of the Rings is the greatest composition in film history. This guy agrees. That’s why he’s compiled and anylsed all the themes and leitmotifs present. It’s a staggering piece of work really-


For years it’s been the standard to-go psychological test for film psychiatrists and real psychiatrists alike, but can we really trust the Rorschach test?


A new match made in heaven. Listen to a Kendrick Lamar feature on a laid-back Thundercat track-


First pic of the main cast from the new Han Solo movie. Expect an origin tale, friends becoming enemies, enemies becoming friends, and a certain Kessel run-


The Body Shop becomes the latest brand to cut advertising ties with The Daily Mail after ‘human rights’ concerns. Pesky humans and their rights…never happy are they?


Big announcement this week from the world of electronic music as Goldie revealed his plans for a new album. It’s due out in June and you can listen to the first single below-

Listen to I Adore You 


In what they claim is a world first, Honda are offering you a series of virtual test drives of some of their new cars-


This week Walt Whitman’s lost novel The Life and Adventures of Jack Eagle has been found. You can find it free online here-


To bridge the gap between the rather awful Prometheus and the rather good Alien, comes Alien: Covenant. Here’s a quick five minute short to promote it-


Nice find here. On the week he would’ve turned 50, this is a hand-written list of Kurt Cobain’s top 50 albums of all time-


Planet Earth 2 might’ve only just finished, but Sir David Attenborough isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s already at work on Blue Planet 2, which is due out later this year-


This week Jay-Z made history by becoming the first rapper to enter the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame


Great feature on Resident Advisor this week that charts the 40 most expensive dance floor records ever sold on Discogs. Some of them might surprise you-


Next up for Martin Scorsese is a return to gangsters and a reteam with Robert De Niro for The Irishman. Word is that Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel might also be joining-


Might we get the Uncharted movie we all deserve after all? Writer Joe Carnahan talks about his ideas for the script and tone-


These days, the Oscars is just as prime real estate for advertisers as the Superbowl, so it’s no surprise that brands roll out the red carpet. Here are two trailers for Walmart’s ads-


And The Guardian have a crack at predicting this year’s Academy Award winners. The ceremony’s on Sunday night by the way-


This week it’s the 40 year anniversary of Judge Dredd. Look back on the history of one of British comics’ most enduring figures-


As robots become more prevalent in industry, should they be taxed the same way as human workers? Bill Gates thinks so-


This is a great photography project. A guy called Hot.kenobi has made his action figures come to life in a series of heroic and everyday scenes-

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