Creative Wave – February 10

Creative Wave – February 10

Dear All, happy Friday. Let’s get right down to business. This week’s edition is rammed to the rafters with theme parks, Super Bowl antics, the return of CJ Parker and of course, a girl called Dave. Watch the first wonderful piece of film we’ve done for The Female Lead here: 



To my ears, the new album by The XX is pretty naff. More of the same, but a bit more insipid. The opening track is wicked though. It’s called Dangerous


David Axelrod – Where to start with this guy. He was a jazz producer and an absolute maestro is his own right. I also strongly believe that if it wasn’t for his compositions in the 1960s, hip-hop would not exist in the shape it does today. Among others, Axelrod’s work has been sampled by everyone from De La Soul to Dr Dre, and from Lil Wayne to DJ Shadow. But rather than moan, like so many original artists did at the time, he embraced new music of all forms and reached out to guys like Flying Lotus and Madlib to keep pushing his own work forward. Put simply: just listen to Song of Innocence now – 

You can read more about his relationship with hip-hop here:



* Is this the future of art galleries? Using a new AR app called Eyejack, the Prosthetic Reality exhibition in Sydney shows just where technology can take us. Amazing stuff-


* I don’t normally like Kate Tempest, but this new track and video, Europe Is Lost, is really quite superb-


* This was quite a boring argument 10 years ago, but let’s dig it up one last time. Who was better: Stevie G or Frankie L?


* Stranger Things series two is coming to turn your world upside down this Halloween-


* The best ads from Superbowl 51 last Sunday-


* And one more from the Superbowl…good fun via Avocados from Mexico. It’s my favourite mainly because it reminds of the Stonecutters episode of the Simpsons


* Check out the next round of print ads from the This Girl Can campaign-


* Another look at the live-action remake of anime classic Ghost in the Shell


* Were the Tudors responsible for the first ever brand in the Tudor Rose? This interesting iPlayer documentary explores their lineage and propaganda-


* After 40 years in a North-West London cellar, lost recordings of a Bob Marley concert from the 1970s have been uncovered-


* Despite being a word geek, I’d never heard of sentence diagrams before. It’s a logical way of structuring and building sentences that’s used to teach computers to speak

More here: 


* As part of his 13-week residency at XOYO, Andy C played a tribute to The End on Friday. I was there. It was quite good. Some weirdo (not me) actually recorded 90 minutes of it-


* This February is Football v Homophobia month in the UK. Show your support now here-


* Great news here: Wikipedia has issued a ‘near-total’ ban on using The Daily Mail as a source. Apparently, it’s too ‘unreliable’ to be considered a trusted source anymore-


* Another amazingly cool poster for Kong: Skull Island…this one from Japan. I really hope the film’s even half as good as the artwork-


* This week on Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy does press secretary Sean Spicer. It’s very good-


* This Donald Trump book done in the style of a Mr Men is glorious. Introducing… Mr President


* Some nice illustration in the new Transport For London ads, about what it calls ‘master improvements.’ Insert cynical comment about nothing ever working or running on time-


* I quite like interesting words. And I also like nice-looking things. So this website full of cool words, designed up all nicely is right up my strasse. Check out Modern Logophilia-


* Rolling Stone magazine revisit Fleetwood Mac’s classic Rumours album 40 years on-


* I love these tiny desk concerts. Here are Run The Jewels playing a gig in a record store to about 10 people. Love it-


* The marketing campaign for The Lego Batman is well and truly in full swing now. Such good fun-


* Fantastic trailer for a new horror film called It Comes At Night. Love the way everything’s designed to be just slightly discordant. A very effective 90 seconds-


* You’ve noticed that I quite like Donald Glover. If you do too, then here’s a nice treat. Childish Gambino covers Tamia’s classic 90s hit So Into You


* High-end lingerie company Coco de Mar present an alternative take on Valentine’s Day. It stars Pamela Anderson and is mildly racy…


* Creator Dan Harmon gives us a brilliant answer to when we can expect Rick and Morty series three


* Meanwhile over at Disneyworld, Star Wars Land will be taking you to a galaxy far, far away in 2019-


* In the modern world, sex no longer sells. Well, actually it still does, but just not as much as social purpose and brand activism. Nice read-


* Check out the odd, but quite affecting, first TV ad from gambling-awareness charity…er…Gamble Aware


* Here’s a first look at the new Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander, on-set somewhere glamorous and sunny-


* Former FA Chief Greg Dyke talks about how crippling stubbornness, lack of diversity and refusal to change is harming the FA and modern football in this country-


* Is it possible to tell a story in six seconds? As part of Sundance Film Festival, agency creatives were challenged to do just that-


* An interesting piece here that looks at Donald Trump in the context of an America let down by regime after regime. It’s all kind of obvious, but well written nonetheless-


* Here’s a trailer for the new series of cult classic Samurai Jack


* Interesting blog and newsletter Brain Pickings chooses its best 16 books of the last year

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