Creative Wave – December 12

Creative Wave – December 12

Start the penultimate week before Christmas on the front foot. Inspirational bangs, bots and beats aplenty!



A great blast from the past that I heard again recently. The Cure with the brilliant A Forest 


* This is a nice pre-Christmas surprise: the first trailer for The Last of Us 2. I cannot freaking wait-


* Heart-warming news here that more young people are watching Planet Earth than X-Factor. Just when you’re about to lose faith in the next generation-


* Here’s a new spot from Beats by Dre which again involves some of the world’s biggest sports stars in a fairly flashy affair-


* Now I like Christmas jumpers, but a line has to be drawn. Boohoo are on the other side of the line because these two-person Xmas jumpers really are not acceptable-


* Last week I was bemoaning the fact that the Uncharted games were all over, but I was wrong! Next year there’s going to be a nice-looking spin-off staring too female heroines from the series-


* Amazon have a brave vision for the future of shopping: a physical place where people can browse groceries and then take items home with them. So, kind of like a supermarket-


* This year, McDonalds have developed augmented reality advent calendars on their tray-liners that use Blipper to give customers prizes-


* It was announced this week that Helen Marten has won the coveted Turner Prize. I must admit, I didn’t get any of the four shortlisted artists’ work but congratulations I guess-


* Here’s a fun idea from Korea. Cheil Worldwide have created a children’s book that claims to teach all of life’s lessons through golf


* To celebrate the launch of Dead Rising 4, Xbox recreated the game’s trailer live using Christmas lights and extras, and asked Facebook users to help them start it up-


* Secret Cinema is back in 2017 with a new spectacle. This time they’ve chosen Baz Luhrmann’s lush Moulin Rouge to bring to life. It opens Valentine’s Day next year-


* As the first season comes to a close, here’s why Westworld is the defining TV show of 2016-


* Ahead of his three-month residency at XOYO in 2017, probably the best dance music DJ in the world, Andy C, talks about his plans-


* Former (current?) Spiderman Andrew Garfield is producing a film based on the Dassler brothers: one of whom started Adidas, while the other set up Puma


* Follow The Guardian’s countdown to the best film of the year, with a new entry in their list appearing every day-


* Ten photographers share their best photo of Donald Trump. These are incredible-

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