Creative Wave – April 21

Creative Wave – April 21

Happy Friday everyone. This week we gaze ahead to a galaxy far away (I.e. IMAX in December), enjoy new music from some of the world’s most interesting artists, realise that robots can be just as good or bad as people, and start musing over a football season that’s almost done for another year. As ever, please enjoy / nod along sagely / share / contribute. Have a great weekend.



Surely the most unexpected collaboration of the last few years appeared last week, as Kendrick Lamar teamed up with U2 for the superb XXX off his brilliant new album, DAMN



Introducing Ada Lovelace, the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron. Eager that her daughter wouldn’t follow in her father’s footsteps, Ada’s mother made sure she was tutored in mathematics and science; two subjects she adored. Aged just 17, Ada started to work with visionary pioneer Charles Babbage on what he called a ‘Difference Engine.’ By 1842, Ms Lovelace had added a new algorithm to the engine, which has since become known as the world’s first piece of code for what’s now referred to as the world’s first computer. She even theorised that this machine might be able to do more than just calculating numbers… you can read a bit more about her work here: 


* Get excited about December already with this first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Interesting social experiment here from Heineken as they try to bring together people from completely different sides of the tracks. it’s called World’s Apart


* The robots are coming! Beware if you live in San Francisco because those little blighters are everywhere… but they’re bringing food. Yes, takeaway delivery robots are here-


* Fantastic coup for a charity close to my heart – CALM – as both Prince William and Harry opened up about male mental health issues, and encouraged everyone to speak up-


* Remember David Villa? Yeah, he’s still got it. Here he is scoring from 50 yards in the MLS-


* As the world starts to unpick Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, this guy has built an infographic to show the connections between each of the songs. Interesting-


* Talk about a match made in heaven. Click here to listen to Burial’s remix of Goldie’s Inner City Life. It’s quite good-


* I don’t even know where to start with this. Remaking Aladdin is an awful idea. So’s making it live action. So’s hiring Guy Ritchie. And so’s hiring Will Smith to play Genie-


* Boots’ new ad features a 50-year-old stuntwoman showing that anything is possible. It was directed by Susanne Bier, who recently helmed The Night Manager-


* Interesting excerpt from a new book by Michael Calvin as he analyses what youth football really looks like in England. Spoiler: it’s not good-


* Check out one of my favourite actors Mads Mikkelsen in the relaunched Carlsberg ad campaign-


* You might’ve heard about this last weekend but promising Formula 4 racer Billy Monger suffered a horrible crash and needed a double leg amputation. Donate a bit of money here. Poor guy-


* Celebrate world Record Store Day tomorrow by visiting the I LUV U exhibition for a celebration of grime culture. It’s obviously in east London-


* Check out some of the stunning winners of the Sony World Photography awards


* Are you into Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes? Have you had a recent blow to the head? Then you could win big as part of Kellogg’s search for the UK’s Biggest Crunchy Nutter. WATTBA-


* Absolutely love Chris Packham. Always have, always will. This week he was charged with assault in Malta after confronting some illegal bird poachers-


* This week the PFA’s Team of the Year was announced. No surprise that Spurs and Chelsea dominate-


* Very sneakily the government slipped a new piece of legislation in that allows them access to confidential patient information, under the guise of ‘immigration enforcement’-


* Something superb for Rick n Morty fans. Check out the new Virtual Rick-Ality app-


* Apparently not put off by the fact that their first attempt to resurrect The X-Files was utterly wretched, Fox have ordered another 10-episode series


* This snooker shot from Shaun Murphy at the World Championships is truly incredible. Even if you gave me 1000 goes I probably couldn’t replicate it-


* In the week that the first footage from The Last Jedi went online, it’s worth revisiting its director Rian Johnson’s back catalogue. This excellent article looks at his debut, Brick


* Interesting project from across the pond here as one copywriter has decided to rewrite famous brand ads and lines to create feminist print ads


* Ex-Man United star Dwight Yorke opens up about the struggles of trying to get a job as a black football manager in this country-


* With the world in terrible strife, Richard Sprenger goes behind the scenes of the UK survivalists who are planning for the worst-


* Comprehensive testing of new artificial intelligence programs has shown that unfortunately robots can be sexist and racist too. Oh well-


* Languishing frozen food outfit Bird’s Eye became a laughing stock this week when they tried to give followers a recipe for their ultimate fish finger sandwich


* Check out this incredibly rapid first look at Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Don’t blink!


* Next up for HBO is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. If you’ve never read it, please do yourself a favour and pick it up asap-


* Take a look at the first shots from series 7 of Game Of Thrones, coming this summer to a screen near you. Nothing too exciting-

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