Creative Wave – 9th November

Creative Wave – 9th November

Happy Friday! You might have noticed that a couple of Christmas ads have been released this week but I have decided that it is still TOO EARLY… Creative Wave is currently a Christmas free zone… for now at least…

  1. Here is a sweet article about creatives discussing their tattoos
  2. Architecture firm Gensler have proposed a temporary floating parliament that looks a bit like larvae but in a cool way (Angus)
  3. This Instagram feed compiles the things that people leave in books
  4. Royal College of Art graduate Dani Clode has created a prototype for a third thumb that allows users to extend their natural abilities (some of the gifs on here made me feel a bit sick)
  5. This is SO UP MY STREET (pun intended) Studio Weave have created a very in depth document that suggests design opportunities including potential colour schemes and signage of the council owned architecture of Hackney. I would really like to have a proper look at this.



Slow Club – Two Cousins

I haven’t been keeping on top of new releases and I have probably shared this one before, but I went to see Our Most Brilliant Friends which is a film about Slow Club’s final tour last week and listening to all of the songs bought back lots of MEMORIES. This is one of my favourites and the video is good too.

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