Creative Wave – 7th July

Creative Wave – 7th July

Happy Friday!

Here are your five fun things for this week…

  1. Branston Pickle commands us to “Please the Cheese”
  1. An immersive production explores the “gamification” of theatre
  1. Our ad of the week is Absolut’s new campaign – Equal Love (via Antonia)
  1. France are going to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles (by 2040)
  1. The Razor company Harry’s tell the story of how they’re taking on big boys of the industry

And your tune for the weekend is…

Haim – Want You Back 

This has been out for a few weeks, but the band’s new album is out today and this music video features a great dance routine I’m pretty sure I could replicate (also the photos and the outfits they’ve been posting across their social media channels are sooooooo greeeaaattt. Case in point; here and here)

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