Creative Wave – 2nd March

Creative Wave – 2nd March

Happy Snowy Friday everyone!
(although, along with everyone else, I am pretty sick of the snow now) 

Luckily, #CreativeWave hasn’t ~frozen over~…

  1. The Guardian explore the slow move to modernisation in the world of Sylvanian Families 
  2. Lacoste have removed the iconic crocodile from their L.12.12 polo shirts to make room for endangered species 
  3. This dystopian vision of ‘Hyper Real’ future is eerily believable (Via Danny)
  4. A good snowy weather clip compilation 
  5. An effective and necessary call for more diversity in media from activist group Legally Black 


Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel

THIS IS fuuuuUUuuuuUUuuuuuUUnky (yes, it does sound a bit like a Prince song but everyone and their dog has made that comparison already so WHO CARES?!)

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