Creative Wave – May 12

Creative Wave – May 12

Happy Friday everyone. Not much to report this week really. It’s been a heads-down-and-crack-on few days. In this edition of CW we meditate on dystopian futures (both real and imagined), wise-cracking superheroes, princes, rappers, electric wallpaper and pineapples. It’s a doozy. I hope you enjoy it.



Robert Miles sadly passed away this week and so in homage, it has to be this really doesn’t it? Not sure he ever made another track but Children is a classic-



In many ways Roger Deakins is the ultimate obscure hero. People in the industry respect him as one of – if not the – greatest cinematographer of all time, but your average joe or jane wouldn’t have any idea of the role he’s had in a lot of their favourite films. Despite his reputation and peerless record though, he’s yet to win an Academy Award, and currently holds the inglorious honour of the most nominations without a win. I believe it’s up to 13 now. I predict though that will change next year though as a result of his work on the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel, which already looks utterly gorgeous. The rest of his filmography is below, but he shot The Shawshank Redemption, Skyfall, No Country for Old Men, Jarhead and Sicario, to name just a few… 


* Talking of which…the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer certainly encouraged a blush response from me-


* Probably the best ad I saw this week came from an unlikely source: the Green Party. It’s a spoof of 80s boardgames and really highlights the terrible position we find ourselves in-


* Meanwhile a new TV spot from the Labour Party try to use comedy to highlight Mrs May’s capricious nature-


* Not really the week for them to make fun of anyone though, considering the Labour manifesto got leaked. You can read it here should you so wish. It’s only a draft though, mind-


* Coming next year: Deadpool the TV show. Yes, a new animated show staring the wonderful Donald Glover. How does he find the time for all of this?! Must have a secret twin-


* Now that he’s a man of leisure, what does Barrack Obama want to do with himself? Set up a recording studio of course-


* Interesting article which investigates how the ultra-rich use data to influence the British electoral process


* MLS club the LA Galaxy are keen to host a football reality TV show, a la X Factor, to help them unearth the next generation of British talent-


* This week Facebook have been running ads to help people spot fake news


* There’s a campaign running to go get the Cannes board to update their trophy this year to be half-lion and half-lionness


* We sort of teased it last week, but now the first trailer for The Dark Tower is finally here. As a fan of the books, I’m still nervous-


* Andy Weir’s follow-up to the worldwide hit that was The Martian is due out in November, but already the film’s been optioned. It’s called Artemis. Sounds good-


* Behold: the first ever film written by an artificial intelligence! It’s called Sunspring and was written by ‘Benjamin.’ Benjamin is a computer program fed hundreds of sci-fi scripts-


*Twin Peaks is back! Really, really soon. Can’t wait-


* Lionel Messi and his son Thiago pose with their collection of classic football shirts from over the years. Cool photo!


* A week after he was essentially booked for reporting racist abuse, Sulley Muntari has spoken out about how FIFA and UEFA aren’t doing enough to fight racism in football-


* Read about Nike’s quite incredible attempts to help athletes break the two-hour marathon barrier. Spoiler: they didn’t, but still-


* Check out David Beckham’s inauspicious acting debut in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie-


* Pretty amazing design piece here from Um Project and Flavor Paper which uses connective ink to run light and sound systems around the home-


*Protein World have been in hot water again this week after their ad seemed to challenge people to dramatically lose weight over 30 days to look like a Kardashian. No comment-


* Prepare to get scared witless by another adaptation of another Stephen King masterpiece. Here’s the final trailer for the first part of IT


* Read with amusement as Donald Trump tries to explain economics to an economist. Of course he does. It’s as catastrophic as you’d expect-


* This is good fun every season. Using Opta stats, here’s the Premier League of Ineptitude, which takes into account giving away possession, own goals, missed penalties, dives, etc-


* Fun story here about a group of Scottish students who claim to have passed a pineapple off as fine art by leaving it in a gallery-


* One of the best ever horror films is getting a remake next year – Suspiria. It just got more interesting though because Thom Yorke is scoring it-


* Big news this week that there’s a parallel dimension that might’ve been bumping into our own recently. I did wonder why I kept losing my footing over the weekend-


* The ousted former FIFA ethics chiefs claim that they were investigating hundreds of cases of corruption. Does this move show FIFA are giving up on ethics once and for all?


* New ad released this week by Captain Morgan features a whole host of captains, including Leicester captain Wes Morgan-


* I like this art project which uses typography on household objects. The pun-game is strong with this one-


* New in Japan: airport robots to help you find your gate. Pretty useful. Or is that just what Skynet wants me to think?


* Anyone remember Lil Bow Wow? Well, he’s dropped the ‘Lil,’ but he’s still a joke. This week he claimed he had a private jet, but was caught flying economy. A baller, he is not-


* I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the new Baywatch film actually looks really fun. Definitely follows in the foot-steps of 21 Jump Street


* Another week and another ‘should this still be news?’ piece of news. Regardless, Australian senator Larissa Waters made history this week by breastfeeding in parliament

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