Creative Wave – January 6

Creative Wave – January 6

Happy Friday everyone. You made it. One week back in the saddle under your belt. It might be cold outside, but the fire still burns brightly in here. We’re hitting the ground running with a few leftover highlights from 2016, but it’s mainly forward that we look, bravely staring into the bright future of advertising, tech, film, music and beyond.



I missed this last year, but I’m a big fan of the track (and video for) This Is England by Kano 


* With this year (again) being THE year that virtual reality becomes household, BBC Earth have released three unique experiences in partnership with Oculus-


* Is this a world-first? Maybe. I love it either way. It’s a billboard from Malteasers written entirely in braille. The headline itself is a pretty good gag too-


Sickly American treats Reese’s Pieces have released a new commercial this week, shot entirely by customers on their iPhones. Nice-


* Check out some of the awe-inspiring science-fiction films on the slate to be released this year in 2017-


* This is cool. Go behind the scenes at Wieden+Kennedy’s pop-up David Bowie exhibition that’ll be live from next week for a fortnight-


* Noodle from the Gorillaz (one of the cartoon monkeys?) released a new mixtape this week, celebrating ‘kick-ass women musicians.’ Listen here-


* Some of the industry’s brightest tell us about their predictions for the big tech trends for 2017


* The Sky TV channel Gold have polled as many comedy professionals as they could find to make the official Top 10 British comedy scenes ever


* Does this weird video signal the return of The KLF? Apparently yes! You’ll have to watch it on desktop though-


* Here are 2016’s most popular 10 ads viewed on Campaign. Love the Malteasers and the Under Armour campaigns-


* This is great. A Top 25 rundown of the best photography stories from the last year


* New from the Government’s Change4Life comes this handy food tracker app, which will help you keep an eye on your kids’ salt, sugar and fat intake


* The normally-excellent Woody Harrelson has joined the cast of the forthcoming Han Solo origin film (due out Christmas 2018)-


* This is surprisingly interesting. A linguistics professor listened to Blink-182 and tried to analyse the origin of that very specific whiny teenage punk accent-


* Here’s a rundown of more than 40 computer games due out in 2017 that are bound to get you excited-


* An album that completely passed me by last year featuring Riz Ahmed – star of Rogue One and The Night Of. Best way to describe it is Pakistani-inspired hip-hop. It’s great-


* Will the follow-up to the disastrous Prometheus be a proper Alien film? Here’s hoping. This is the first trailer for Alien: Covenant


* Great article here where Adam F talks through the production of his legendary album, Colours. He’s Alvin Stardust’s son, in case you didn’t know


* Just in time for the new series later in the year, the classic soundtrack for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me has been rereleased on vinyl-


* Get ready for the launch of Resident Evil 7 with an unique live experience in London at the end of the month-


* Here’s the line-up for this year’s Coachella festival. Looking pretty good-


* Seems like we’ve tried everything else, so now children’s drawings are being used to try to get people to quit smoking


* The new Alan Partridge book Nomad is out now. Get the audiobook for the full ‘deep bath’ experience-

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