Creative Wave – December 2

Creative Wave – December 2

Happy Friday everyone… winter is here, but wait, there’s good news! DeFrosty the Snowman is alive!! 

 Yes, the first ever snowman on Old Street is snug in his new freezer home now!

Quick overview / reminder of what you can do:

Tweet using #KeepDeFrostyAlive to give DeFrosty 10 minutes of freezer power and raise 10p for Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Watch him live here 

Visit the website at



Here’s the wonderful Bobby Womack with one of his swan-song records. It’s an uptempo funk remix of Please Forgive My Heart – one of the standout tracks off his last album



* Hollywood director Wes Anderson helmed this year’s H&M christmas ad. It stars Adrien Brody-


* And more celebrity friends turn up here for Burberry to celebrate their founder’s life. Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and more-


* The date’s been set for Run the Jewels 3 – January 17, 2017. New single Legend Has It dropped this week-


* Meet Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda. After working 10 hours a day for three and a half years, he’s finally revealed his enormous masterpiece, Rebirth


* It’s December, so prepare for an influx of ‘best of’ lists… here’s the first one from Consequence of Sound. It’s their top 50 albums of the year. I’ll drop my list in a week or two-

* And here’s Rolling Stone’s:

* And Time’s top 10:


* And here’s Empire magazine’s Top 25 films of the year-


* Stonewall pushed out their rainbow laces campaign last weekend across the UK, with many players and official supporting-


* In their ongoing mission to make the world look like The Jetsons, SpaceX are planning to surround the Earth with an internet service 200 times faster than what currently exists-


* Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles is ‘the next big thing’ on TV. The producer have just scored a serious coup bringing Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda on board-


* The clever folks at BBH Live did a spot this week for KFC that asked grime artists and gamers to come together for some split-screen computer game action-


* How awesome is this poster for Lego Batman? Love it. Can’t wait-


* Sci-fi writer James Darling ponders the science in the movie Arrival


* If you haven’t seen it, Danny Dyer’s appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? is genius. Here it is edited down to 90 seconds-


* Preorder the new Childish Gambino album and you can get a virtual reality vinyl… whatever that is!

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