Creative Wave – December 16

Creative Wave – December 16

Happy Friday everyone, After a tough week of partying it’s nice to relax into the soothing arms of a nice wooly jumper. And what an extra bonus to have the additionally warming embrace of this week’s Creative Wave to wash away the cobwebs and the technicolour yawns.



It’s a bit sombre but it feels wintery and I love it. Radiohead’s classic Exit music for a film is my choice for this week  Used to wonderful effect in the Westworld finale last week.



* Have a look at the Campaign Annual 2016, looking at the best agencies and ideas of the year-



* Nike’s new Are We Running Today? campaign might just be my favourite of the year. So simple and so good it hurts-



* Here’s a beautiful in-depth look at the top 10 children’s books of the year-



* Nice campaign from France here uses snow sculptures of animals to make a point about CO2 emissions in mountain areas-



* Here’s what some other agencies have done for Christmas. Nothing touching DeFrosty though… obvs-



* Something for fans of TV comedy Fleabag – the writer Vicky Jones has a new play premiering next summer at the Soho Theatre-



* Mourn the passing of Alan Waldie this week by diving back into the archives and (re)discovering some of his greatest hits. Posters and commercials that redefined advertising-



* Bounce with Buster and his other friends in this Virtual Reality recreation of the Christmas John Lewis ad, which is revolutionary because you can control it with your hands-



* Amazingly this is not The Daily Mash, but real life. Captain Morgan have signed a deal with Leicester captain Wes Morgan with some pretty funny contractual stipulations-



* The results of the 2016 adwatch are in and there were officially the country’s favourite ads of the year. I must admit, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the DFS ones-



* Really interesting short documentary about how you can buy the top spot on Reddit



* Here’s the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to Interstellar. It’s called Dunkirk and is of course a war film-



* If you’re anywhere near New York in the near future, check out Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo is what is apparently an excellent modern retelling of Othello



* Check out Donald Glover performing his latest Childish Gambino single Redbone live on Jimmy Fallon this week-



* Someone with way too much time on their hands has made a nature documentary purely using in-game footage from Grand Theft Auto 5. Pretty impressive-



* Read about Keith Cartwright and his fascinating Saturday Morning project to promote peace in American communities-



* Here’s Pitchfork’s rundown of the best 100 songs of the year



* And here’s Resident Advisor’s predictably obtuse guide to their writers’ favourite 20 albums of the year

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