Creative Wave – 22nd December

Creative Wave – 22nd December

Happy Friday Everyone! And a happy last #CreativeWave of 2017

There are a few sore heads in the office this morning after a legendary Perfect Storm Christmas Party (thanks again to Maddy for organising it!) For all those that witnessed my rendition of Don’t Speak by No Doubt at karaoke – you’re welcome.

Its been a struggle just to get to work this morning, let alone write up a Creative Wave… but here we go!

  1. Our very own Danny Daley has written a blog post about his predictions on tech trends in 2018 
  2. Ben Tan (also of this parish) has written about keeping it real in 2018 
  3. On a completely different note, this is mad (but don’t look at this if you’re epileptic)  (Via Jake)
  4. This seriously cool website shows you what Hip Hop’s Billboard Top 10 Sounded like in 1995  (Via Jake)
  5. Finally, The Guardian have been doing a series call “2017: what happened next?” and taking a look at the people who became viral sensations and how they dealt with it. This article focuses on Robert Kelly and his family (the guy whose adorable daughter interrupted his TV interview)  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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