BBD Perfect Storm launches the SKINS (un)official language for sport in time for the Olympics: Esportanto

Aussie sportswear brand, SKINS, and BBD Perfect Storm want to unite fans from every country and background by launching the first (un)official language – Esportanto – for sport.

Esportanto uses emojis to cross language boundaries in a way that previously only sport has been able to. For the first time ever fans will be able to laugh, cry, celebrate, sledge, gloat, exalt and banter with everyone in the whole world, whether your name is John, Juan, Sing or Cindy.

The IOC operates strict rules around marketing and the Olympics, which means that if you’re not a sponsor, it’s hard to be part of the conversation. But SKINS, a brand renowned for being both cheeky and passionate, want fans of the biggest sporting event in the world be able to communicate with each other no matter what language they speak.

SKINS aren’t new to being an ‘unofficial’ voice, having previously declared themselves the first official non-sponsor of FIFA, amid the corruption controversy last year, and played a significant role in bringing down Sepp Blatter.

The #Esportanto campaign, created by BBD Perfect Storm and launched today for World Emoji Day, calls on sports fans across the globe over the next six weeks to think both literally and laterally to talk about the greatest show on earth in the most inclusive (and creative) terms. It is asking people to build their own emoji posters to share on social media to help fill out the Esportanto dictionary, rewarding the best entrants with a free pair of SKINS tights. SKINS will be engaging its audience through its social channels, bringing in famous sports personalities and its ambassadors to join in on the global conversation in the run up to, and during, that big event in Brazil.

Jaimie Fuller, Executive Chairman of SKINS, said: “At SKINS, we believe sport transcends language, race and religion in a way few things can. Today, the power of social media enables millions of people around the globe to comment on, share and participate in the greatest sporting moments. We thought it was only right that they had a common language to do so.”

Seb Hill, Executive Creative Director at BBD Perfect Storm, said: “With 4 billion people immersed in the greatest show on earth, what better way to celebrate than one truly global language. Esportanto is creatively playful but shines a light on the way sport transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. The best bit is that almost everyone already speaks it. Personally, I only speak pigeon Esportanto – but I get by! (smiley face)”

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