What makes a ‘Perfect Stormer’?

Someone who knows how to ride the storm, of course – and look damned good doing it. Someone who takes adversity head on. Someone who relishes a challenge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In our industry, that means you’re dedicated to helping clients achieve business growth through thoughtful and effective creative communications. If they thrive, we thrive.

We look for people who are like us as company – lean, agile, entrepreneurial, and with the appetite and balls to take on the biggest marketing networks in the world. And beat them.

We want passionate people who forge lasting, meaningful relationships. We don’t service our clients, so much as partner with them. The perfect Perfect Stormer leads the way for our clients to make calculated risks that pay off in significant commercial ways.

Ultimately, we all take our work seriously. Ourselves – not so much.

So if you like to pass the buck, micro-manage or hide behind process, please look elsewhere.


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